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Kim Jones

I have worked for over 25 years with children, young people, adults and families in therapeutic and solution focused settings. I am a fully insured and registered member of: ANLP & Awaken School of Outcome Orientated Psychotherapies Ltd.

My approach is friendly, open-minded and very much focused on achieving the goals that you have for you and to remind you that you are enough...always.


Coaching and NLP use techniques, advanced language patterns and physiology to reveal the deeper structure of the meaning that influences your beliefs, thoughts and behaviours.

As a Coach I will work with you in a group setting, I use NLP techniques in group settings as tools to facilitate changes in your perception and communication.

As a Coach I will work with you and your family towards enabling you to make successful changes in your lives, working towards the goals that you want to achieve.

NLP, Psychotherapy and Coaching creates an awareness of how the body and mind are connected, this awareness can be applied to health issues also. 


When you exercise the energy that you produce is both mental and physical, when you feel peace of mind you may feel your body also relax. Being aware of your thoughts and what is going on around you can help reduce stress and improve your mood.

If you are living with illness NLP can help to create positive coping strategies,   which may in turn change your experience and situation to a more positive one.

Anger - Addictions - Weight issues 

- Time management

NLP, Psychotherapy and Coaching can give you techniques and coping mechanisms for you to change your normal patterns of behaviour and break any negative cycles, giving you the choices you need to respond and react in a more positive and healthier way for you.

Personal relationship issues - Abuse

- Loss/grief - Phobias

- Exam nerves

NLP, Psychotherapy and Coaching techniques can provide you with a release from old habits, fears and limiting beliefs, giving you more choice in the way that you communicate, how you feel and respond. 


The more choices and confidence you have will enable you to move forward positively in your life.

If you are looking for positive changes in the direction of your life, Coaching & NLP can help you reach your goals and objectives, improving your performance at work & in your personal life.


Techniques and approaches used help you to establish and maintain rapport,  explore and change negative patterns of behaviour, which in turn improves your ability to communicate effectively.

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